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Lundyn.Porter Gift Subscription
Lundyn.Porter Gift Subscription
Lundyn.Porter Gift Subscription

Lundyn.Porter Gift Subscription

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We're making some exciting changes to Lundyn.Porter! Hang tight in the meantime and shop our HUGE SPRING SALE!

We recently took a survery from our customers asking for feedback on our clothing. Since our line is brand new, we wanted to take ALL of the feedback to heart and us it to make our clothing the BEST it can possibly be for your little ones.

We got some amazing feedback from your all stating that you love our style, color palettes and the simplicity/comfort of our one piece items. One of the biggest requests we received from you all was that you wanted to see thicker, even softer and more consistent fabrics and sizing so that you know EXACTLY how your one piece outfits will fit and feel each month. We took this feedback very seriously and have decided to make a series of adjustments to our Lundyn.Porter Exclusives line in order to offer the highest quality, most amazing outfits around.

Since we are making some adjustments to our fabrics and sizing, we will not be offering a subscription set for April or May. Our subscriptions will begin again with the JUNE set to be released Early May :). 

In the mean time, we will be offering all previous subscription outfits at a discount during our Spring Sale beginning 3/17! Stay tuned for more details and thank you SO MUCH for your everlasting support and love for Lundyn.Porter!